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Serving West African favorites and internationally inspired dishes in Harlem.


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1 review
The food was excellent. The delivery man was kind. The food arrived hot. I would have liked if they included a fork and knife packet but it's fine because I was at home and had my own silverware. The sorrel bissap was GREAT. I love this place and will order again. My order arrived within an hour after placing my order.


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I miss the rains back in Africa, but the next best thing is the food from Africa Kine. Filling and deliciously. What the restaurant lacks in ambiance they make it up triple with taste


1 review
Great at the time I'm about to order again .. I hope I get the same experience as last time


Top Reviewer
The FOOD was DELICIOUS!!! Delivery was fast!!!

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Top Reviewer
Excellent grilled fish. My family enjoyed our meal. Love this place. On Time, Great food. A whole fish frilled. with a nice sized salad. and whatever that very spicy sauce came with it. Is really good. Thank you . We appreciate this restaurant.


Top Reviewer
The food was very tasty and, oh my, there was a lot of it. Enough for two meals. The delivery guy was prompt & very polite.


1 review
I love this place! They never disappoint! The portions are great for the price. They give tons of food.


3 reviews
The fish patties did not have a lot of filling but still good. The lamb was simply delicious!!


Top Reviewer
The grilled fish was so good! Large fish with tasty side and sauce!

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Africa Kine Restaurant is one of the top african restaurants in New York - just ask the critics and our regular customers. We combine culinary delights with style and personal flair to create a unique experience every time you visit us. We strive to make each visit satisfying and memorable.